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You play as Mark, a detective. The game starts with you arriving at the crime scene. A woman died here and is haunting the apartment. You have heard rumors that any detective who decided to investigate the case never returned. You ignore the red flags and enter this haunted apartment. Will you be able to solve the murder mystery and escape in one piece?


The demo is about 10 minutes long and doesn't represent the full game. (The demo includes a section with looping hallways which doesn't exist in the full game)

Release date Dec 09, 2021
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorAltF4 Games
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withBlender, Unreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Detective, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksYouTube, Homepage


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Really good game, definitely has good atmosphere and has a good creep factor. 


Gameplay starts: 0:27

Hello, great author, can I use your game for video and live broadcast? I will indicate the author of the game and the link to the game. I'm afraid of infringing your copyright, so I hope I can get your permission

Very fun to play, i can not wait to play the full version of it!


I had a Blast playing this game!  Thank you Devs!

Very short but I still loved that you were trying something out the box while paying homage to other games like PT. great work keep it up (its the Second game I play in the Vid.

Nice Work! ^^ very good gameplay ideas

really loved it :) too bad i thig i got a bug at the end? 

Hey, I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 6:22! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!


I really enjoyed the first section of the game! It was fairly original and has a lot of potential. However I wasn't too big a fan of the second section. I personally don't like PT clones, I just feel it's been done and copied way too much. Personally I'd love to see you run with the first section and just totally cut out the PT part. Just my opinion though! I still had fun, Thanks for making it!

I'm very intrigued for the full game! Nice addition with the investigation mode.

Check out my video. 

Enjoyed it! Waiting for the full game!

Played this on my channel, great demo. Loved the investigator mode so that would be great to see in final game. Really looking forward to it coming out. Check out my full opinions and gameplay over on my channel


Good game enjoyed it watch below

Cool Demo. Waiting on the full release! Game here: 

Subscribe please!

Playing this game was very... Interesting lmao


Really interesting demo, I'm looking forward to the full game! 

That was a lot of fun! This is one of the rare indies that i will play again. Great Job!

Good game!!

Totally nothing went wrong...at all.

I am not sure how I feel about this game. It has potential for instance I do like the detective aspect of it and being able to view things in detective mode. However it seemed like the game was missing something. Also at one point it kicked me out of the game however I am not sure if that was intended after reaching the end or just a glitch in the system. Please don't give up I would love to see a more polished version of this game.


This game got me good a couple of times! I really like the detective mode feature because it's really unique! It reminds me of the ARI mode from Heavy Rain. I liked this game a lot and I look forward to the full release! I put the link to this game in a Discord server for creators that I am in!

Nice game, I especially liked the detective vision being used to gather clues. However, even being a detective, I somehow managed to not notice most of the keys. 

enjoy the video guys. if you like it please consider subscribing to my channel to help me do what i love the most which is making gaming content. thanks in advanced guys!!


Very dope I loved it. 

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Сюжет 10/10. Моделька страшной фигни 0/10

This game was good. The whole building we were in was pretty spooky and the corpse walking thing at the beginning was good lol. Liked the little bit of loop style in it and especially the face in the tv. Great demo and would love to see a full game.

this... this had me screaming like a small girl at times, great work!

Really enjoyed the detective mode addition on this. I definitely can see the PT nods in this. The early door reveal with them or just the early ghost interactions are amazing. I look forward to the full thing :). 


It started very good, and then it was PT. You are doing an amazing job, you don't need to rely on old horror games to make your game great. The detective mode was pretty cool, the atmosphere is scary, the idea is also amazing. You're on the right direction, before the PT.

Loved this game, hopefully there's a full version one day. Loved the atmosphere and detective mode. Good jump scares too. Check out my gameplay and let me know what you think.

this game is very good I did get scared at some points also at the last part I didnt know what to do?

very good game, i got so scared when that thing jumped out at me lol!!!:)

Interesting game, enjoyed it!!

Loved the detective mechanic! Great game!

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