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i like it for the unique features


:o how it take my desktop picture

Not sure if I fully understood the story but this is a good game.

Very nice game, really liked it!

Nice Game. I enjoyed it.

hi everyone so i ended up playing dead Inside it was a cool little short horror game i wish there was a little more info on what's going on end the end i think I know what's going on tho lol I hope you enjoy the jump scares i had lol

Good game! I enjoyed it! Great atmosphere, very creepy. I will look out for more from you in the future!

need a computer whith OS 64 bit?



 i love this game make more i wating

Very interesting game. The story is great but a little bit dark. It would be great if i can have a flashlight.

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Hey bro can you make an Android version of this game bro I am a YouTuber bro I will play it I don't have a Pc

This game was very interesting. Enjoyed the short horror game. Only thing I got stuck on was the homework puzzle.

I like this game, but at the same time this is one of the strangest experience I've ever had haha... Love the concept of having a bathtub and a closet in the same room as the kitchen and dining room :))))


look closer to you...

Interesting game, if there are any germans who would like to have a closer look you can take a look at my playthrough in german  :D - starting at 3:20

A strange experience with a darker more sinister undertone as the game develops, there is some nice atmospherics and a few little "jumpscare moments" which did not get me (probably from all the horror games played)

The level is well designed and asthetically pleasing it would of been great to have some interactables to show the characters "memories" or events prior to the ending but other than that it was enjoyable to play.

This was delightfully subversive, and the story certainly went in directions I was not expecting!

From the first creepy occurrence to the end of the game I was on edge, testament to the good work in creating a terrifying atmosphere where you really don't know what's going to happen from one second to another.

Also, nice touch with the desktop picture (anyone who hasn't played this yet will get what I mean if they give it a try!), I do enjoy a game that pulls you in more by relating the game to you, makes you feel more connected to the experience and more effected by it!

Great stuff all in all, would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like a short, scary experience! =)

Funny,Good looking and  fun experience

Loved this game and your other ones as well! Pretty funny how the laptop's background looked so similar to mine... Also enjoyed the little puzzles in the game.

Very Promising!

Was interesting.

is good but not much

Great game wish it did no end so soon thank you :)

A pretty lit studio ill say

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)




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Your game isn't bad, but I think it would benefit from having a mechanic which outlines items required to advance the plot. It took me a good deal of time to find the laptop battery.

The sound design could do with some enhancement. Perhaps you could add some atmospheric music low in the mix to create a sense of unease. 

This is the first time I've ever seen a toilet in a kitchen. That was an enjoyable experience. 

Hello there, i played your game for my channel!

great game i had a blast playing it  :D

Gotta be honest that was a weird one :D Either way I had a good time! Thank you for that experience. Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

A really nice horror game with some funny easter eggs here and there.  Really liked the parts with the whispers, it sent chills down my spine.  Looking forward to your future projects! Game starts at 3:25 of the vid

I LOVED the BOX Prank! Also, The Drum-set was Incredible! 

Great Artwork... I lost myself and forgot I was playing a scary game... !

Great JOB @ FreezeStudios

Twitter @SirWinnyyt

Will Be Available AT 5:30 PM EST Today! 


Sometimes we all feel like this, like we're not ourselves. Sometimes we feel dead inside. Always remember that we're here for you all. We care. You're never alone.

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You did a GREAT job im proud
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